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Concordancing is a technique which analyzes text corpora to show how any given word or phrase in the text is used in the immediate contexts in which it appears. The main focus of this technique consist in discovering patterns and rules of authentic language use through analysis of actual usage, and generating theories of what does not account for the(More)
Dans le cadre de la promotion de la langue amazighe, nous avons voulu lui apporter des ressources et outils linguistiques pour son traitement automatique et son intégration dans le domaine des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication. Partant de ce principe, nous avons opté, au sein de l'Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe, pour une(More)
After being marginalized for many decades, the Amazigh language has been integrated into the Moroccan education system, in 2003. Since then, many efforts, based on new technologies, have been undertaking to promote and improve Amazigh language learning. In this context, in this work, we have investigated the potential and the impact of computer games in(More)
In the perspective of achieving an UNL (Universal Networking Language) based machine translation system for Amazigh language, we are undertaking the first steps of dictionaries' development according to the UNL specifications. So far, no attempt has been made to integrate Amazigh language in the UNL project. This latter revolves around the development of an(More)
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