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Geochemistry of the volcanic rocks from Bioko Island (“Cameroon Hot Line”): Evidence for plume-lithosphere interaction
Abstract Bioko Island (3008 m a.s.l) is located in the presently more active volcanic zone of the Cameroon Line and composed essentially of alkaline basalts and hawaiites, and lesser mugearites. TheExpand
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Petrology of Metaluminous A-Type Rhyolite Discovered from Hadjer el Hamis Volcanoes (Lake Chad Basin)
Metaluminous (P.I. > 1) rhyolite from Hadjer el Hamis consisted of quartz, alkali feldspar, clinopyroxene (hedenbergite), amphibole (F-arfvedsonite) and oxides-hydroxides (ilmenite, magnetite,Expand
Mineral Chemistry of Wehrlite Xenoliths Hosted in Basalts from the SW of Hosséré Dammougalré (Adamawa Plateau, Cameroon): Thermobarometric Implications
Wehrlite samples (size: ~4 cm) hosted in basaltic lavas from the SW of Hossere Dammougalre are located in the western Adamawa Plateau. Porphyritic and allotriomorphic texture characterizeExpand
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Petrology of the Volcanic Rocks from Bioko Island ("Cameroon Hot Line")
Bioko island (3008 m a.s.l.), is composed of the alkaline basaltic lavas (basalts and hawaiites) with xenoliths. These lavas have a microlitic textureand consisted of euhedral to subhedralExpand
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