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Ti-bearing aenigmatite from Djinga Tadorgal (Adamawa plateau) and Sao Tomé (Cameroon Line) phonolites: geochemical implications and application of the QUILF thermobarometer for the crystallization
The chemical and structural compositions of aenigmatite from Djinga Tadorgal and Sao Tome phonolites were compared to those previously described in the felsic lavas and nephelinite from the Adamawa
Petrology of Metaluminous A-Type Rhyolite Discovered from Hadjer el Hamis Volcanoes (Lake Chad Basin)
Metaluminous (P.I. > 1) rhyolite from Hadjer el Hamis consisted of quartz, alkali feldspar, clinopyroxene (hedenbergite), amphibole (F-arfvedsonite) and oxides-hydroxides (ilmenite, magnetite,
Mineral Chemistry of Wehrlite Xenoliths Hosted in Basalts from the SW of Hosséré Dammougalré (Adamawa Plateau, Cameroon): Thermobarometric Implications
Wehrlite samples (size: ~4 cm) hosted in basaltic lavas from the SW of Hossere Dammougalre are located in the western Adamawa Plateau. Porphyritic and allotriomorphic texture characterize
Petrology of the Volcanic Rocks from Bioko Island ("Cameroon Hot Line")
Bioko island (3008 m a.s.l.), is composed of the alkaline basaltic lavas (basalts and hawaiites) with xenoliths. These lavas have a microlitic textureand consisted of euhedral to subhedral