Fadila. Bentayeb

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The column-oriented NoSQL (Not Only SQL) model provides for big data the most suitable model to the data warehouse and the structure of multidimensional data as the OLAP cube and allows it to be deployed in the cloud and a high scalability whilst delivering high performance. In the absence of a clear approach which allows the implementation of data(More)
With the development of Internet, the availability of various types of data (multimedia, data from databases, ) has increased. These data which present different forms and semantics (we name them ”complex data”) may be unstructured, structured, or semi-structured. In order to prepare them for proper analysis, a multidimensional modeling layer is needed. To(More)
This work consists on a survey of the performance of viewing boxes installed in diagnostic radiology departments and included several aspects: checking the illuminance of the diagnostic rooms where the viewing boxes are located as well as the viewing boxes luminance levels and homogeneity. Seven hospitals took part in the survey, being three in the city of(More)
Nanostructured Fe-8P (wt%) powder mixture was prepared by high energy ball milling in a planetary ball mill (Fritsch P7) under argon atmosphere. The morphology of the particles, the phase identification and the alloying evolution process as a function of milling time are studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and 57Fe(More)
The STEP Test is a simple method that can be used to quickly evaluate processing speed of automatic processors. It allows the identification of large deviations (>20%) in the processor-chemicals-film system. STEP means Sensitometric Test for the Evaluation of Processing. The performance of the processors taking part in the survey are calculated and compared(More)
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