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Wernicke's syndrome, caused by thiamine deficiency, is most commonly associated with alcoholism but can also occur in patients who are malnourished or have malabsorption of nutrients for other reasons. Since the classic triad of encephalopathy, nystagmus and ataxia occurs simultaneously in only 10-33% of cases, a high index of suspicion is needed in any(More)
While the majority of fistulas in ano result from infection of the anal crypts, complex, recurrent, and/or nonhealing fistulas should always raise the suspicion of a chronic underlying condition. In this paper, we present a 30-year-old male patient with a diagnosis of a complex suprasphincteric fistula caused by a surgical thread left behind after an(More)
True nonparasitic splenic cysts are rare. Reports of approximately 30 cases of benign true splenic cysts producing elevated CA 19-9 serum levels have been published. The traditional treatment of splenic epidermoid cysts is splenectomy. However, with all the advances in laparoscopic surgery, conservative laparoscopic approaches are accepted as the most(More)
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