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A case of acute and spontaneous spinal epidural hemorrhage is described in which there was no history or evidence of trauma, conventional anticoagulant therapy, hemophilia or vascular anomalies. A recent history of excessive ingestion of an aspirin-containing medication was obtained and the clinical and laboratory picture of an aspirin-induced bleeding(More)
Sepsis related acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common in-hospital complication with a dismal prognosis. Our incomplete understanding of disease pathogenesis has prevented the identification of hypothesis-driven preventive or therapeutic interventions. Increasing evidence in ischemia-reperfusion and nephrotoxic mouse models of AKI support the theory that(More)
Large-scale electronic government projects had mixed results over the past decade. A considerably large percentage of such projects effectively failed. The over-ambitious promise of e-governance positively transforming public sectors in developing nations didn't fully materialize. The actual causes of e-government failures are still to be explored in more(More)
The United Arab Emirates' society has grown comfortable with the ubiquitous information and communication technologies. Despite repeatedly ranking high in terms of e-government readiness and social acceptance of ICTs, there were doubts that the government decision to push for using e-voting in the first elections held in the country's history would be(More)
Social media is used in a wide range of governance and civic engagement activities. In democracies, it is becoming a mainstream contributor to policymaking and political participation. Meanwhile, the literature on non-democratic states largely views its role as an influencer of bottom-up collective action or as a top-down channel for service delivery. In(More)
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