Fadi Khalil

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Nowadays, scientists are interested in using computer grids to run their specific domain applications. Nevertheless the difficulty for non expert in computer science to run those applications on a high number of nodes discourages them. This paper deals with the deployment and the management of an electromagnetic simulator on a computer grid, by using the(More)
The scattering analysis from metallic Grid FSS consisting of rectangular perforations on a thick metallic screen illuminated by an oblique incident plane wave is presented. The grid structure is analyzed using Scale Changing Technique (SCT) which is based on the partition of the grid-plane into planar sub-domains defined at various scale-levels.(More)
Films made of plasticized starch (PLS)/poly(butylene succinate co-butylene adipate) (PBSA) blends were prepared by thermomechanical processing varying the PBSA proportions in blends to obtain biphasic materials with distinct morphologies. These morphologies were characterized by selective extraction of each phase, microscopic observations, and selective(More)
Full-wave electromagnetic solver based on the Transmission Line Matrix Method has been deployed on Grid test-bed. This Grid-based electromagnetic approach exploits the availability of computing node at disposal through the Grid to face the demand of arbitrary large simulations by allocating a corresponding amount of resources hence minimizing the overall(More)
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