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In this paper, we present a new statistical pattern recognition method for classifying cytotoxic cellular responses to toxic agents. The advantage of the proposed method is to quickly assess the toxicity level of an unclassified toxic agent on human health by bringing cytotoxic cellular responses with similar patterns (mode of action, MoOA) into the same(More)
  • Olivier Bajeat, Maher Cheikh Mhamed, +12 authors David Verney
  • 2006
The ALTO project (Acceíe´rateur Lineáireauprè s du Tandem d'Orsay) will provide an electron beam available at IPN Orsay at the end of 2005. The maximum energy will be 50 MeV with a maximum average intensity of 10 mA. It will be used for photofission in UC x targets. With the same target as that already used on the PARRNE set up it will be possible using(More)
UNLABELLED Host-pathogen interactions can induce epigenetic changes in the host directly, as well as indirectly through secreted factors. Previously, uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) was shown to increase DNA methyltransferase activity and expression, which was associated with methylation-dependent alterations in the urothelial expression of CDKN2A.(More)
— This paper discusses the use of the path finding algorithms in a 3-Dimensional (3D) military training environment. It describes how to represent the nodes in a 3D environment. Two algorithms are used: the Waypoint Navigation and the A* path finding algorithm. A comparison between the two path finding algorithms is made to evaluate their performance. Also,(More)
Debarking process is a very important step for many industrial uses of wood. The ring debarker commonly used in sawmills. The variations of the log physical properties, environmental and storage conditions, and debarking operation strongly influence the bark remaining, wood loss and damage percentages on debarked log. In this paper a MPC based ring(More)
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