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A simple and sensitive kinetic spectrophotometric method was established for the determination of acarbose and miglitol in bulk and in their pharmaceutical preparations using alkaline potassium permanganate as an oxidizing agent. The method involves determination of acarbose and miglitol by kinetic studies of their oxidation at room temperature for a fixed(More)
This paper have shown an expert system design by using optimization methods for the Focused ion beam FIB optical system, by mixing the dynamic programming procedure and artificial intelligence technique to build an intelligent agent. CADION ANALYZER has been designed as an interpretation expert system, written in Java expert system shell (JESS) and Visual(More)
Poly(vinylalcohol) (PVA)/vanadium pentoxide xerogel (VXG) composites were prepared and exposed to different electron beam irradiation doses. Changes in the structural properties, crystallinity degree of composites with increasing irradiation doses and VXG content were subsequently investigated using the Fourier transformer infrared spectroscopy (FTIR),(More)
This work is proposed the feed forward neural network with symmetric table addition method to design the neuron synapses algorithm of the sine function approximations, and according to the Taylor series expansion. Matlab code and LabVIEW are used to build and create the neural network, which has been designed and trained database set to improve its(More)
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