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Enzo Ottaviani1
Anna Mandes1
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1Enzo Ottaviani
1Anna Mandes
1Jose-Luis Villamarin-Vazquez
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  • Stefano Mattioli, Alberto Baldasseroni, Massimo Bovenzi, Stefania Curti, Robin MT Cooke, Giuseppe Campo +20 others
  • 2009
BACKGROUND Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a socially and economically relevant disease caused by compression or entrapment of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel. This population-based case-control study aims to investigate occupational/non-occupational risk factors for surgically treated CTS. METHODS Cases (n = 220) aged 18-65 years were randomly(More)
The effect of exposure to industrial metals on sensory perception of workers has received only modest interest from the medical community to date. Nevertheless, some experimental and epidemiological data exist showing that industrial metals can affect vision, hearing and olfactory function, and a similar effect is also suggested for touch and taste. In this(More)
—The objective of the study is to assess the implementation of LED lighting into forest machine work in the dark. In addition, the paper includes a wide variety of important and relevant safety and health parameters. In modern, computerized work in the cab of forest machines, artificial illumination is a demanding task when performing duties, such as the(More)
—This paper is based on a large questionnaire study. The paper presents how all participants and subgroups (upper-and lower-level white-collar workers) answered the question, " Have you had an ache, pain, or numbness, which you associate with desktop computer use, in the different body parts during the last 12 months?' 14.6% of participants (19.4% of women(More)
OBJECTIVES We studied subjective health symptoms in a population accidentally exposed to high styrene concentrations in drinking tap water. The contamination occurred during the reparation of a water tank. METHODS Residents of 27 apartments in two buildings using the contaminated water were contacted. A questionnaire on subjective symptoms was(More)
Plasma membrane Ca(2+) channels in immunocytes from the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis exposed to 50 Hz sine wave magnetic fields (MFs) of various strengths were studied. At levels of 300 microT and above, MFs reduce shape changes in immunocytes induced by the chemotactic substance N-formyl-Meth-Leu-Phe, and this effect involves L-type Ca(2+) channels.(More)
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