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This paper shows a possible path for the introduction of Mobile Service agents within an advanced Broadband Intelligent Network environment. The potential benefits of Distributed Object Technology and Mobile Agents Technology are described and the overall architecture is defined. Then some multimedia services and personal mobility service features are(More)
Prolonged steroid therapy may produce sufficient osteoporosis to permit collapse of a vertebral body. Decompressive laminectomy and aggressive postoperative therapy can give gratifying results. One can postulate whether these results are related in any way to the protective effect of the steroid being taken during the time of the collapse of the vertebral(More)
The Intelligent Network (IN) architecture represents a very good solution to the problem of service offering in the telecommunications environment, since it decouples switching and call control functionality from the service related one. However, its rigid centralised architecture has intrinsic bottlenecks, which could harm its performance, and traditional(More)
1. INTRODUCTION In this paper, we report on the performance of the Interactive Multimedia Retrieval (IMR) service deployed in the INSIGNIA project [1]. INSIGNIA stands for ,ntelligent 1etworks and B-ISDN 6LJQaling ,ntegration on $TM platforms, it is a European project in which fourteen partners from industry as well as research institutes collaborate. The(More)
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