Fabrizio Scortecci

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Experimental tests have been carried out to analyze the effect of wall-to-total temperature ratio on the characteristics of a fully laminar shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction in a Mach 6 high enthalpy flow. Test cases were run in a new high-enthalpy arc-heated wind tunnel developed at Centrospazio in the framework of the ESA/FESTIP program. In order to(More)
Recent technological advances in the development of electric microthrusters pave the way to the successful diffusion of all-electric spacecraft. Since pointing accuracy is a key requirement for space platforms, suitable control systems accounting for the peculiarity of electric on/off actuators have to be devised. In this paper, an attitude control system(More)
— Pointing accuracy is a key requirement in communication satellites and Earth observation missions. Attitude control systems must guarantee tracking of the reference attitude and angular rate, while accounting for mission performance indexes such as fuel consumption and actuator wear. In this paper, an MPC-based attitude control scheme is proposed for an(More)
The preliminary experimental characterization of the flow field developing in the test section of a small high enthalpy arc-heated Mach 6 tunnel has been carried out in terms of Mach number and local flow velocity angle. Measurements have mainly been obtained in cold flow conditions (no arc), though a limited number of tests has also been performed in hot(More)
Centrospazio has recently developed a small arc-heated wind tunnel (High Enthalpy Arc-heated Tunnel, HEAT) whose flexible configuration is particularly suited for cost-effective experimentation and research on a wide variety of aerothermodynamic phenomena occurring in high speed flows. The design and operation of the HEAT has involved a number of critical(More)
A pulsed arc heater was designed and manufactured at Centrospazio to equip a new hypersonic high-enthalpy blow-down wind tunnel capable of producing flows with a specific total enthalpy up to 2.5 MJ/kg. The heater mainly consists of two coaxial electrodes, separated by a constrictor, and a plenum chamber. The flow is heated by an electric arc ignited(More)
A pulsed arc heater was designed, manufactured and installed in Centrospazio laboratory to equip a newly developed hypersonic, high-enthalpy, small-scale blow-down wind tunnel. The facility operates with air in the low to medium Reynolds number range (10 4 ∼10 6) and is capable of producing Mach 6 air flows, with a specific total enthalpy up to 3 MJ/kg, on(More)
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