Fabrizio Salvador

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In order to survive, a great number of small companies are forced to offer a wide product variety and often to respond to the market with customised solutions. At the same time, fast delivery is often a key to win orders. As a result, a vital challenge for these companies is to overcome the trade-off between product variety and delivery time, without(More)
Most companies can benefit from mass customization. The key is to think of it as a process for aligning an organization with its customers' needs. The concept of mass customization makes business sense. Why wouldn't people want to be treated as individual customers, with products tailored to their specific needs? But mass customization has been trickier to(More)
Mass customization (MC), i.e. offering customers exactly what they want without losing in operational efficiency , has been positioned as a viable business strategy in ecommerce for many years. Still, many companies have failed in implementing profitable MC. We explain these failures by the lack of strategic capabilities in these firms and examine their(More)
Quick and reliable response to customers' needs has been argued to be a key competitive advantage when manufacturing customized products. Anecdotal evidence and case-based research point to the importance of the effective management of information on feasible product configurations in order to achieve good responsiveness. However, no empirical, large-sample(More)
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