Fabrizio Robol

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Wireless power transmission (WPT) through microwave beams represents a key technology for the long distance transfer of energy in the absence of a traditional electrical network. Its importance is demonstrated by the increasing research and industrial activities concerned with the design, manufacturing, and prototyping of efficient WPT systems. In this(More)
The localization and tracking of moving people in indoor areas play a key-role in most of the applications related to security, ranging from intrusion detection up to crowd management. Such application fields deal with non-cooperative targets. To the best of authors knowledge, a simple, non-invasive, inexpensive, and scalable solution for the localization(More)
Efficient strategies for energy saving and solutions to increase user awareness on energy resources management are important aspects from both social and economic viewpoints. The traditional power grid needs new monitoring and control tools for the optimal management of producers and consumers through adaptive energy distribution schemes. The problem of(More)
Monitoring systems designed for museum scenarios are nowadays largely employed in order to monitor environmental parameters for artworks conservation and to control exhibitions in order to prevent and avoid critical events (e.g., theft, damages). The use of wireless sensor network technology allows the non-invasive integration of such monitoring(More)
A compact planar multiband antenna for 3G/4G mobile terminals is presented. The proposed design consists of a Sierpinski Gasket fractal geometry perturbed according to a Particle Swarm optimization (PSO) strategy in order to operate in advanced wireless services (AWS-1, 1710–1755 MHz, 2110–2155 MHz) and worldwide interoperability for microwave access(More)
The design of an innovative rectenna system, to be used for collection of the energy delivered from space solar power satellites, is presented in this work. The problem is formulated as an optimization one, where the positions of the antenna elements are properly chosen, to maximize the total amount of power received by the rectenna. A number of options are(More)
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