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The effect of magnetite, graphene oxide and silicone oxide nanoparticles on dielectric withstand characteristics of mineral oil
In this work, we compare the dielectric withstand performance of nanofluids prepared using Shell Diala D as a base fluid, and magnetite, graphene oxide and silicone dioxide as nanoadditives. The acExpand
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Partial Discharge and life behavior of rotating machine wire insulation under PWM waveforms: The influence of inverter characteristics
Partial Discharge (PD) topic in adjustable speed drives has received growing attention in the last decades because of the higher stresses introduced by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) voltages comparedExpand
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Ferrofluid effect in mineral oil: PDIV, streamer, and breakdown voltage
Ferrofluid is a colloidal liquid made of magnetite nano-particles coated by a surfactant, and blended in a liquid substance. Regarding transformer insulation, small amounts of ferrofluid improve oilExpand
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Analysis of conduction currents in nanofluids
  • F. Negri, A. Cavallini
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and…
  • 1 October 2015
We have compared the DC conduction of a nanofluid based on mineral oil and magnetite nanoparticles with that of the base mineral oil using a point/plane electrode configuration. The results show thatExpand
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Noise rejection and partial discharge identification in HVDC insulation systems
This paper shows techniques for singling out noise in partial discharge (PD) measurements starting from the well-known time-frequency (T-F) map extracted from impulse shape and statistical processingExpand
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Identification of partial discharges in power transformers: An approach driven by practical experience
High voltage power transformers are the most challenging equipment for asset managers in that their failures are often due to thermal, electrical, ambient, and mechanical stresses that interact in aExpand
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Behavior of nanofluids under DC divergent fields
  • A. Cavallini, F. Negri
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE International Conference on Dielectrics (ICD…
  • 3 July 2016
A recent investigation on the DC stability of nanofluids has revealed some interesting phenomena regarding the polarization current; some unexpected slow peaks appeared after the voltage reached aExpand
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Influence of ageing on dielectric characteristics of silicone dioxide, tin oxide and ferro nanofluids based mineral oil
Traditionally mineral oil is employed in power transformer as a cooling medium and as an electrical insulator. Recently, massive research work has been carried out to improve the thermal andExpand
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Analysis of the charge-nanoparticle interaction in nanofluids
Recent papers have shown controversial aspects regarding nanofluids conduction properties. Therefore, in this work, we have analyzed these apparent incongruencies proposing a simple field model andExpand
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Fundamental Study and Modeling of Nanofluids
In spite of all the recent studies, the insulating materials employed for high voltage (HV) transformer manufacturing are still those in use since several decades. For the fluid insulation, mineralExpand
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