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Fast Wave (FW) studies of mode conversion (MC) processes at the ion–ion hybrid layer in toroidal plasmas must capture the disparate scales of the FW and mode converted ion Bernstein (IBW) and ion cyclotron waves (ICW). Correct modeling of the MC layer requires resolving wavelengths on the order of k ⊥ ρi ∼ 1 which leads to a scaling of the maximum poloidal(More)
ASDEX Upgrade was operated with fully W-covered wall in 2007 and 2008. Stationary H-modes at the ITER target values and improved H-modes with H up to 1.2 were run without any boronisation. The boundary conditions set by the full W-wall (high enough ELM frequency, high enough central heating and low enough power density arriving at the target plates) require(More)
The ever growing competition on the international markets pushes manufacturers towards shorter design cycles and decreasing manufacturing times and costs for their products. This trend generates a demand for smart, flexible and faster machining systems, easy to set up and configure, which are able to drastically reduce machining time, while improving the(More)
The European research project INT-MANUS embedded in the I*PROMS European network of excellence addresses the increasing demand for flexibility and adaptivity, which is summarized by rapid reconfigurations of complete factories as well as related aspects in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Software, and Production Systems. The project's main goal is to(More)
BACKGROUND About 98% of plasma propofol is bound to albumin. We investigated if severe hypoalbuminaemia may affect the accuracy of a target-controlled infusion (TCI) device, the Diprifusor, during sedation in critically ill patients. METHODS Ten critically ill hypoalbuminaemic patients (<24 g litre(-1)) and 10 critically ill normoalbuminaemic patients(More)
INT-MANUS is a research project with eight European partners backed by the European Commission. The project is developing a new technology, the Smart Connected Control Platform (SCC platform) for manufacturing enterprises. This platform allows controlling production plants in a revolutionary way. With the help of a distributed learning agent platform,(More)
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