Fabrizio Loi

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Multi-mode fiber (MMF) is the most cost-effective fiber for high-speed LANs. Modal dispersion leads to optical-energy spreading over several symbol periods, drastically limiting distance and data-rate. Compared with copper channels, equalization is challenging because the channel response varies enormously from fiber to fiber and also over time [1]. These(More)
A continuous-time 7-tap FIR equalizer tailored to dispersion compensation in multi-mode fiber links is presented. By using a novel active delay line, the ultra-compact equalizer is very flexible, maintaining optimal performances and power scalability over a wide range of input data-rates. Particular care is taken to address critical issues of(More)
FIR filters are attractive to enhance the equalization performances of high speed wireline receivers, providing high flexibility to match the channel frequency response and compatibility with simple adaptation techniques. This paper presents a 25-Gb/s 4-tap FIR equalizer in 28-nm LP CMOS. To keep high SNR and not compromise equalization performances, a new(More)
Thanks to the high flexibility in matching the channel frequency response and the compatibility with simple adaptation techniques, Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters enhance the equalization performances of high-speed wireline receivers. This paper presents a 25-Gb/s FIR equalizer in 28-nm CMOS. The impact of filter noise and distortion, crucial aspects(More)
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