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Wireless Mesh Networks are currently emerging as a promising paradigm for broadband ubiquitous Internet access. However, their distributed nature raises many challenges when facing the increasing demand for multimedia applications, which require a tight control over the system's available resources. In this paper, we address such issue by introducing a(More)
—In order to increase the penetration of electric vehicles, a network of fast charging stations that can provide drivers with a certain level of quality of service (QoS) is needed. However, given the strain that such a network can exert on the power grid, and the mobility of loads represented by electric vehicles, operating it efficiently is a challenging(More)
The paper presents the problem of performance degradation of transport layer protocols due to congestion of wireless local area networks. Following the analysis of available solutions to this problem, a cross-layer congestion avoidance scheme (C 3 TCP) is presented, able to obtain higher performance by gathering capacity information such as bandwidth and(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that provides computing, communication and storage resources as a service over a network. Communication resources often become a bottleneck in service provisioning for many cloud applications. Therefore, data replication which brings data (e.g., databases) closer to data consumers (e.g., cloud applications) is seen as(More)
The elaboration of data collected by vehicles moving on road network is relevant for traffic management and for private service providers, which can bundle updated traffic information with navigation services. Floating data, in its extended acceptation, contains not only time and location provided by a positioning system, but also information coming from(More)
Accurate measurement of energy consumption of practical wireless deployments is vital to the research community to develop pragmatic simulators and analytical models for the synthesis of new energy-aware and energy-efficient protocols and algorithms for wireless networks. However, there is considerable dearth in the availability of affordable and scalable(More)