Fabrizio Giordanetto

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Adenosine is a naturally occurring purine nucleoside that has a wide variety of well-documented regulatory functions and physiological roles. Selective activation of the adenosine A1 receptor has drawn attention in drug discovery for the therapeutic effects on neural and cardiovascular disorders. We have developed a model of the human A1 adenosine receptor(More)
Six docking programs (FlexX, GOLD, ICM, LigandFit, the Northwestern University version of DOCK, and QXP) were evaluated in terms of their ability to reproduce experimentally observed binding modes (poses) of small-molecule ligands to macromolecular targets. The accuracy of a pose was assessed in two ways: First, the RMS deviation of the predicted pose from(More)
Four of the most well-known, commercially available docking programs, FlexX, GOLD, GLIDE, and ICM, have been examined for their ligand-docking and virtual-screening capabilities. The relative performance of the programs in reproducing the native ligand conformation from starting SMILES strings for 164 high-resolution protein-ligand complexes is presented(More)
Novel scoring functions that predict the affinity of a ligand for its receptor have been developed. They were built with several statistical tools (partial least squares, genetic algorithms, neural networks) and trained on a data set of 100 crystal structures of receptor-ligand complexes, with affinities spanning 10 log units. The new scoring functions(More)
Patent specifications are one of many information sources needed to progress drug discovery projects. Understanding compound prior art and novelty checking, validation of biological assays, and identification of new starting points for chemical explorations are a few areas where patent analysis is an important component. Cheminformatics methods can be used(More)
Profiling of eight stereoisomeric T. cruzi growth inhibitors revealed vastly different in vitro properties such as solubility, lipophilicity, pKa, and cell permeability for two sets of four stereoisomers. Using computational chemistry and NMR spectroscopy, we identified the formation of an intramolecular NH→NR3 hydrogen bond in the set of stereoisomers(More)
In total, 47,500,000 people worldwide are affected by dementia and this number is estimated to double by 2030 and triple within 2050 resulting in a huge burden on public health. Alzheimer's disease (AD), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for 60-70% of all the cases. The cause of AD is still poorly(More)
In PUVA (Psoralen plus UVA) chemotherapy 8-methoxypsoralen is the most widely used compound, although its efficacy is endowed with undesired side effects. In order to have an evident anti-proliferative activity with a reduced phototoxicity, many linear and angular derivatives have been synthesised. In this paper we describe a QSAR study in which, by means(More)
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