Fabrizio Garrone

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Distributed intelligence and secure interconnected communication networks constitute recognized key factors for the economic operation of electricity infrastructures in competitive power markets. Hence, electric power utilities need to extend risk management frameworks with adequate tools for assessing consequences of ICT (Information and Communication(More)
In order to evaluate the resiliency of architectures supporting teleoperation functions, a laboratory testbed, described in the paper, is being developed by CESI RICERCA in the context of the European Project CRUTIAL. The testbed implements a prototypal but significant power system control architecture with its integrated ICT infrastructure.
The work presents a methodology for the experimental evaluation of cyber failures to power grid control networks. The methodology has been applied to standard communications of the grid telecontrol test bed in the Power Control System - Resilience Testing Laboratory of RSE for producing performance measures about the effects of both accidental and(More)
This deliverable deals with the modelling and analysis of interdependencies between critical infrastructures, focussing attention on two interdependent infrastructures studied in the context of CRUTIAL: the electric power infrastructure and the information infrastructures supporting management, control and maintenance functionality. The main objectives are:(More)
The paper presents a set of control system scenarios implemented in two testbeds developed in the context of the European Project CRUTIAL CRitical UTility InfrastructurAL Resilience. The selected scenarios refer to power control systems encompassing information and communication security of SCADA systems for grid teleoperation, impact of attacks on(More)
This paper details the anthropological and genetic analyses that contributed to the identification of the notorious Australian outlaw ('bushranger') Edward ('Ned') Kelly. In 1880 at the age of 25, Kelly was hanged and buried at the former Melbourne Gaol in Victoria, Australia. In 1929, the remains of executed prisoners (including those of Kelly) were(More)
In CRUTIAL, the deployed testbeds are composed of two platforms. The first platform is based on power electronic converters that are controlled from PCs that are interconnected over an open communication network (at K.U.Leuven). The second platform consists of power station controllers on a real-time control network, interconnected to corporate and control(More)
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