Fabrizio Fornari

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GRB 080514B is the first gamma ray burst (GRB), since the time of EGRET, for which individual photons of energy above several tens of MeV have been detected with a pair-conversion tracker telescope. This burst was discovered with the Italian AGILE gamma-ray satellite. The GRB was localized with a cooperation by AGILE and the interplanetary network (IPN).(More)
We report on a multiwavelength observation of the blazar 3C 454.3 (which we dubbed crazy diamond) carried out on November 2007 by means of the astrophysical satellites AGILE, INTEGRAL, Swift, the WEBT Consortium, and the optical-NIR telescope REM. Thanks to the wide field of view (FoV) of the AGILE satellite and its prompt alert dissemination to other(More)
We present the integration of BEBoP understandaBility vErifier for Business Process models, into the Apromore open-source process analytics platform. Given a BPMN model the tool allows one to verify which understandability modeling guidelines such as layout conventions are violated by the model. Such guidelines are rules that a model designer should follow(More)
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