Fabrizio Ferretti

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Deadwood is an important habitat for vertebrate and invertebrate species, a key factor in the nutrient cycle and a valuable carbon pool. Difference in the deadwood C stock depends on many variables such as forest type, microclimate and forest management. We investigated the relationship between C stock in deadwood and forest management in oak stands of(More)
INTRODUCTION Serum autoantibodies specifically directed toward intracellular cytoskeletal actin filaments (anti-actin antibodies, AAA) were found to be associated with intestinal villous atrophy (IVA) in celiac disease (CD). The aim of this study was to assess IgA-AAA with a commercial test that uses sections of rat intestinal epithelial cells in a(More)
Park managers in alpine areas must deal with the increase in forest coverage that has been observed in most European mountain areas, where traditional farming and agricultural practices have been abandoned. The aim of this study is to develop a fine-scale model of a broad area to support the managers of Paneveggio Nature Park (Italy) in conservation(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the usefulness of MRI in the evaluation of the relationships between the mandibular canal and impacted mandibular third molars. METHODS 29 young patients from our hospital dental service, all with a unilateral impacted mandibular third molar, were investigated with MR and the anatomical details were evaluated in three dimensions by(More)
As a consequence of the spread of technology, also the forest sector needs to develop methods and tools capable to integrate the new available technology (Geographical Information Systems, databases, Decision Support Systems, GPS, satellite imaging, laser etc.) with the traditional tools. In specific the present paper refers to the context of forest(More)
Values are generally defined as social facts that orientate individual and collective actions, and consequently influence political, economic and social systems. The evaluation of natural resource values is considered an important instrument to support decision making in environmental policy. The forest is an important renewable resource that provides a mix(More)
In the current global economy, chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have become the leading cause of death and a major health concern for both developed and developing countries. Among other factors, the worldwide spread of NCDs is driven by the globalisation of unhealthy habits. The purpose of this paper is to develop a simple statistic to measure, at(More)
In 5 normal women plasma prolactin concentration after microg. 200 of TRH has been evaluated under treatment with mg 0.75/6h for three days of dexamethasone. No difference has been observed as regards to subjects without dexamethasone. The data suggest that the inhibition of adrenal cortex glucocorticoid and androgen hormones doesn't influence prolactin(More)
Forest-energy chain in Tuscany: economic, environmental and social effects in several mountain territories and possible trade-off between traditional production and new energy products 36 6. Stakeholders' perceptions on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in a rural district of Southern Italy 93 13. Jean-Luc Peyron Economic analysis of forest adaptation to(More)
Surgical removal of mandibular deeply impacted third molars may be challenging and could be associated with several possible risks. Intra- or postoperative mandibular fracture during or after third molar extraction is a major though rare complication. Before starting the surgical removal of a mandibular deeply impacted third molar, various predisposing(More)