Fabrizio Farina

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Newborn screening is an accepted public health measure to ensure that appropriate health care is provided in a timely manner to infants with hereditary/metabolic disorders. Alpha-thalassemia is a common hemoglobin (Hb) disorder, and causes Hb H (beta4) disease, and usually fatal homozygous alpha(0)-thalassemia, also known as Hb Bart's (gamma4) hydrops(More)
Despite the volume of studies written after the initial report by Hildebrand (1895) on Warthin's tumour (WT), its aetiopathogenesis continues to be an unresolved and controversial question. Many different genetic and/or environmental aetiological factors seem to act on heterotopic ductal inclusions and may give rise to WT following an unknown tumorigenic(More)
Lichenoid drug reaction is termed as a condition of the oral cavity having an identifiable etiology, which is clinically and histologically similar to oral lichen planus. A number of drugs have been described as a causative factor of those reactive lesions. The aim of this study is to conduct a systematic review on the role of causative drugs in oral(More)
The presence of a foreign body in the bladder or urethra is generally the result of autoerotic acts, psychiatric problems, or therapeutic interventions. It can cause hematuria, pain, and abscess formation, which may lead the patient to seek medical care, but the diagnosis is not always easy. This report describes a man who presented with several months'(More)
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