Fabrizio Croccolo

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We report the results of an experimental study of the static and dynamic properties of long wavelength concentration fluctuations in a mixture of glycerol and water undergoing free diffusion. The shadowgraph method was used to measure both the mean-squared amplitude and the temporal correlation function of the fluctuations for wave vectors so small as to be(More)
We use dynamic near field scattering to measure the dynamics of concentration non equilibrium fluctuations at the steady-state of Soret separation. The analysis reveals that above a threshold wave vector q(c), the dynamics is governed by diffusion while at smaller wave vectors, gravity dominates. From the measurements, we extract both the mass diffusion and(More)
Diffusion is commonly believed to be a homogeneous process at the mesoscopic scale, being driven only by the random walk of fluid molecules. On the contrary, very large amplitude, long wavelength fluctuations always accompany diffusive processes. In the presence of gravity, fluctuations in a fluid containing a stabilizing gradient are affected by two(More)
We used a form of schlieren interferometry to measure the mean-squared amplitude and temporal autocorrelation function of concentration fluctuations driven by the presence of a gradient during the free diffusion of a urea solution into water. By taking and processing sequences of images separated in time by less than the shortest correlation time of(More)
Light scattering detection in the near field, a rapidly expanding family of scattering techniques, has recently proved to be an appropriate procedure for performing dynamic measurements. Here we report an algorithm, first suggested by Oh et al. (Phys. Rev. E 69, 21106 (2004)), based on the evaluation of the exposure time dependent spectrum (ETDS), which(More)
Light scattering techniques are widely used in many fields of condensed and soft matter physics. Usually these methods are based on the study of the scattered light in the far field. Recently, a new family of near field detection schemes has been developed, mainly for the study of small angle light scattering. These techniques are based on the detection of(More)
High-pressure mass diffusion and Soret coefficients of the equimassic 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene and n-dodecane binary mixture are obtained from dynamic light scattering analysis of concentration non-equilibrium fluctuations at the steady state of Soret-driven separation. A high-pressure shadowgraph set-up has been developed to investigate(More)
Fluids in non-equilibrium steady states exhibit long-range fluctuations which extend over the entire system. They can be described by non-equilibrium thermodynamics and fluctuating hydrodynamics that assume local equilibrium for the thermophysical properties as a function of space and time. The experimental evidence for the consistency between this(More)
A privileged way of representing numbers in the human mind is along an oriented mental number line. Activation of this representation has been proposed to account for the impact of numbers on motor tasks, such as on grasping, pointing, and eye movements. Here we evaluated the impact of numbers on motor control, by exploiting the evidence that the speed(More)
We discuss the gravity effects on the dynamics of composition fluctuations in a ternary mixture around the non-equilibrium quiescent state induced by thermodiffusion when subjected to a stationary temperature gradient. We found that the autocorrelation matrix of concentration fluctuations can be expressed as the sum of two exponentially decaying(More)