Fabrizio Cecca

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Ammonites are prominent in macroevolutionary studies because of their abundance and diversity in the fossil record, but their paleobiology and position in the marine food web are not well understood due to the lack of preserved soft tissue. We present three-dimensional reconstructions of the buccal apparatus in the Mesozoic ammonite Baculites with the use(More)
Since the introduction of the cladistic method in systematics, continuous characters have been integrated into analyses but no methods for their treatment have received unanimous support. Some methods require a large number of character states to discretise continuous characters in order to keep the maximum level of information about taxa differences within(More)
Ontogeny is rarely included in phylogenetic analyses of morphological data. When used, the ontogenetic information is reduced to one character for two or three different ontogenetic stages. Several examples show that current methods miss a major part of the information. We here propose a new method for including the ontogenetic dimension in coding schemes(More)
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