Fabrizio Bresciani

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This article assesses the impact of the East Asian financial crisis on farm households in two of the region’s most affected countries, Indonesia and Thailand, using detailed householdlevel survey data collected before and after the crisis began. Although the nature of the shocks in the two countries were similar, the impact on farmers’ income (particularly(More)
Title of Dissertation: TENURE SECURITY, LAND MARKETS, AND HOUSEHOLD INCOME: PROCEDE AND THE IMPACT OF THE 1992 REFORM IN MEXICO Fabrizio Bresciani, Doctor of Philosophy, 2004 Dissertation Directed By: Professor Bruce L. Gardner Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics In 1992, the Salinas administration launched a major reform liberalizing several(More)
In immobilized pH gradient (IPG) gel formulations as wide as pH 4-9, encompassing neutrality and containing the pK 7.0 acrylamido buffer as one of the buffering ions, smears are directly proportional to the total amount of the pK 7.0 species. At a total level of 10 mM pK 7.0 in these gel formulations, severe smears occur not only for mildly hydrophobic(More)
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