Fabrizio Borgia

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An important field for model-driven development of interfaces is the consideration of users with disabilities. Interface design for deaf people presents specific problems, since it needs to be based on visual communication, incorporating unusual forms of interaction, in particular gesture-based ones. Standard solutions for model-driven development of visual(More)
This paper describes the design and development of a location-based Augmented Reality (AR) application for mobile devices. The application provides real time data about transportation in a urban area. It can be set along the line of the continuous creation of richer and more complex interaction modalities between users and data. A relevant element in this(More)
We present <i>SWift</i>, (Sign Writing improved fast transcriber), an advanced editor for computer-aided writing and transcribing using Sign Writing (SW). SW is devised to allow deaf people and linguists alike to exploit an easy-to-grasp written form of (any) sign language. Similarly, SWift has been developed for everyone who masters SW, and is not(More)
Deaf people are more heavily affected by the digital divide than many would expect. Moreover, most accessibility guidelines addressing their needs just deal with captioning and audio-content transcription. However, this approach to the problem does not consider that deaf people have big troubles with vocal languages, even in their written form. At present,(More)
SWift (SignWriting improved fast transcriber) is an advanced editor for SignWriting (SW). At present, SW is a promising alternative to provide documents in an easyto-grasp written form of (any) Sign Language, the gestural way of communication which is widely adopted by the deaf community. SWift was developed for SW users, either deaf or not, to support(More)
The SignWriting improved fast transcriber (SWift), presented in this paper, is an advanced editor for computer-aided writing and transcribing of any Sign Language (SL) using the SignWriting (SW). The application is an editor which allows composing and saving desired signs using the SW elementary components, called “glyphs”. These make up a sort of alphabet,(More)
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