Fabrizio Bertone

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Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs) are one of the most investigated biological networks in Systems Biology because their work involves all living activities in the cell. A powerful but simple model of such GRNs are Boolean Networks (BN) that describe interactions among biological compounds in a qualitative manner. One of the most interesting outcomes about(More)
Research centers performing biomedical research collide with the problem of the treatment of large amounts of data. Several scientific fields in biomedical adopt technologies that can analyze samples in a more accurate way thanks to the high granularity which the current equipment provide the results. The cloud computing technology allows to create scalable(More)
Biological analysis applications are usually high demanding in terms of computational power required. Cloud Computing infrastructures can be of great value supporting those type of applications, thanks to the high flexibility and performing hardware provided. The merging of solutions based on MapReduce and distributed file systems services, allows the(More)
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