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The involvement of Neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the pathophysiology of mood disorders has been suggested by clinical and preclinical evidence. NPY Y1 and Y2 receptors have been proposed to mediate the NPY modulation of stress responses and anxiety related behaviors. To further investigate the role of Y2 receptors in anxiety we studied the effect of BIIE0246, a(More)
The 5-HT1B receptor has attracted significant interest as a potential target for the development of therapeutics for the treatment of affective disorders such as anxiety and depression. Here we present the in vivo characterisation of a novel, selective and orally bioavailable 5-HT1B receptor antagonist, SB-616234-A(More)
To develop a socially based model of anxiety, the contextual fear conditioning properties of social defeat were examined in rats. Social threat consisted of exposing intruders to aggressive residents in resident home cage, separated by a partition. During 3 daily encounters, intruders were either defeated or threatened by residents, providing the(More)
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