Fabrizia Nici

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Computational techniques, and in particular molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, have been successfully used as a complementary technique to predict and analyse the structural behaviour of nucleic acids, including peptide nucleic acid- (PNA-) RNA hybrids. This study shows that a 7-base long PNA complementary to the seed region of miR-509-3p, one of the(More)
The synthesis of four novel platinum complexes, bearing N6-(6-amino-hexyl)adenosine or a 1,6-di(adenosin-N6-yl)-hexane respectively, as ligands of mono-functional cisplatin or monochloro(ethylendiamine)platinum(II), is reported. The chemistry exploits the high affinity of the charged platinum centres towards the N7 position of the adenosine base system and(More)
By using a new rapid screening platform set on molecular docking simulations and fluorescence quenching techniques, three new anti-HIV aptamers targeting the viral surface glycoprotein 120 (gp120) were selected, synthesized, and assayed. The use of the short synthetic fluorescent peptide V35-Fluo mimicking the V3 loop of gp120, as the molecular target for(More)
Rapid screening tests in medical diagnostic and environmental analysis are often based on oligonucleotide biochips. In this paper, we studied the stability of functionalized mesoporous silicon supports in the solid-phase synthesis of oligonucleotides, exploiting several chemical procedures. A 19-mer mixed sequence has been successfully synthesized on(More)
Obtaining DNA nanostructures with potential applications in drug discovery, diagnostics, and electronics in a simple and affordable way represents one of the hottest topics in nanotechnological and medical sciences. Herein, we report a novel strategy to obtain structurally homogeneous DNA G-wire nanostructures of known length, starting from the short(More)
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