Fabrizia Ghezzo

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We propose a general methodology and a set of practical recipes for the construction of ultra-broadband acoustic cloaks—structures that can render themselves and a concealed object undetectable by means of acoustic scattering. The acoustic cloaks presented here are designed and function analogously to electromagnetic cloaks. However, acoustic cloaks in a(More)
This experimental research is focused on examining the effects of stress concentration due to the embedded Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) sensors on the structural integrity of glass fiber/epoxy laminates subjected to in-plane tensile loads. Recent advances of health monitoring technologies have resulted in development of micro-dimensional sensors that(More)
The highly dispersive, attenuating, heterogeneous and anisotropic nature of unidirectional fiber reinforced polymer matrix (FRP) composites places an emphasis on high density local sensing as opposed to lower density more-global sensing strategies. This thus requires a relatively high density of sensors for damage characterization and detection, which(More)
This paper deals with time dependent epidermic behaviour of rubella. The hypothesis that ten classes of immuno-response (Stewart test) can be reduced to three is assumed (= low, intermediate and high level). Upon these conditions a mathematical model is developed and tested using experimental data measured during six years over 1288 subjects. Initial(More)
Chemically induced Syrian hamster cheek-pouch squamous cell carcinoma is very similar to the corresponding human tumour. This paper describes a blind study in which inhibition of dimethylbenzanthracene-induced cheek-pouch tumours by a goat liver extract denominated UK101 was investigated. Less than 40% of animals treated with UK101 developed tumours(More)
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