Fabrizia Ghezzo

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In this paper a mathematical approach to the epidemics is proposed. The method is based upon a model able to describe any time-depending phenomena using the following elements: "class", "transition" and "related probability". The solution of the differential equations describing the model are obtained: first, by numerical techniques; second, by a Montecarlo(More)
Oral cancer is a neoplasm with some known causes. Proliferation genes are significant among its few pathogenetic and prognostic factors. Calcyclin is a cell-cycle-related gene, the function of which is still unclear. Its expression and that of Haras and histone-H3 have been investigated in an assessment of their pathogenetic role in squamous cell carcinoma.(More)
The cytosolic levels of pS2, an estrogen-regulated protein, were measured in 100 cases of primary breast cancer and related to several conventional histological and biochemical prognostic factors. The data were statistically analyzed on the basis of two different cutoff point for pS2: 4 and 11 ng/mg of cytosolic proteins. pS2 positivity (cutoff 11 ng/mg)(More)
We propose a general methodology and a set of practical recipes for the construction of ultra-broadband acoustic cloaks—structures that can render themselves and a concealed object undetectable by means of acoustic scattering. The acoustic cloaks presented here are designed and function analogously to electromagnetic cloaks. However, acoustic cloaks in a(More)
Among the oxidative breakdown products of omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, the aldehyde 4-hydroxy-2,3-nonenal (HNE) is receiving increasing attention for its potential pathophysiological implication, which at least partly lies on the demonstrated ability to modulate gene expression of a number of genes. Here we show that a marked down-modulation of HNE(More)
This article presents the results of experiments conducted in order to identify and locate the failure initiation in glass fiber/epoxy laminates with integrated structural health monitoring sensors (SHM) and electronics. Recent advances in health monitoring technologies have resulted in the development of micro-dimensional devices that can be embedded into(More)
The salient features of this method for biological monitoring of occupational exposure to organophosphorus insecticides are: (a) acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BuChE) are determined separately in whole haemolysed blood using specific substrates at appropriate concentrations; (b) 20 microliter of blood drawn from the finger tip is(More)
Chemically induced Syrian hamster cheek-pouch squamous cell carcinoma is very similar to the corresponding human tumour. This paper describes a blind study in which inhibition of dimethylbenzanthracene-induced cheek-pouch tumours by a goat liver extract denominated UK101 was investigated. Less than 40% of animals treated with UK101 developed tumours(More)
The embedment of micro-sensors and micro-devices into composite laminates for structural health monitoring systems leads to stress/strain concentrations due to geometrical and material discontinuities around such embedded inclusions, with high potential to initiate premature failures. This article presents the efforts to estimate the effects of these(More)