Fabricio Gomes de Freitas

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Despite preceding related publications, works dealing with the resolution of software engineering problems by search techniques has especially risen since 2001. By its first decade, the Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) approach has been successfully employed in several software engineering contexts, using various optimization techniques. Aside the(More)
When software is modified, some functionality that had been working can be affected. The reliable way to guarantee that the software is working correctly after those changes is to test the whole system again, but generally there is not sufficient time. Then, it is necessary to select significant test cases to be executed, in order to guarantee that the(More)
The Software Requirements phase has notable importance, since it is responsible for the definition of the system itself. Several customers indicate which functionalities they want to be present in the software. However, constraints, such as budget, make it impossible to implement all desired requirements at once. One activity in this context is the release(More)
Although software test is very important, there may be situations in which there is no time to execute all test cases. It is important to order the test cases so that the most important ones come first. Most of the works about search-based test case prioritization have used unit tests techniques, and we have to know the code in advance. This work considers(More)
Test case prioritization is a difficult problem of Software Engineering, since several factors may be considered in order to find the best order for test cases. Search-based techniques have been applied to find solutions for test case prioritization problem. Some of these works apply Ant Colony based algorithms, but the precedence of test cases was not(More)
The activity of writing software patterns with quality presents itself especially as of high complexity. To support this activity, several works, including patterns, are available in the literature. Nevertheless, it is noticed that the documentation of patterns with quality remains an extremely difficult task, especially for beginners. In this context, this(More)
The remarkable growth in the use of the Internet has allowed more interaction among its users. In addition to more users in interaction, this superior amount of connected people also represents a source of generation of information. In this context, the perception of the Internet users as active agents in the processes of creation and information(More)