Fabricio E. Balcazar

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People from around the globe rely on the Internet for daily use in a variety of ways from downloading information and staying connected with friends and family to collecting data for research purposes. Although the authors have seen rapid growth in access to the Internet among multicultural populations, some groups are still far behind. In particular, those(More)
Members of an advocacy organization for people with physical disabilities were trained to identify and report issues at group meetings. In addition, two consecutive chairpersons were trained to conduct action-oriented meetings. Measures of group members' activities outside meetings and related outcomes on identified issues were also collected. Results(More)
Community psychologists have called for research on human diversity and interactions between individuals and society with a focus on oppression. This study examines learning disabilities as they co-occur with other sociopolitical minority statuses. We examined dominant cultural narratives of and individual responses to learning disability, race/ethnicity(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine differences in employment outcomes among Hispanics and Caucasians with Spinal Cord Injuries at one year post-injury. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Longitudinal dataset of the SCI Model Systems. PARTICIPANTS 11,424 Individuals diagnosed with spinal cord injury (1369 Hispanics and 10055 Caucasians) that were enrolled in the(More)
When people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, older adults, women, and others lack power, they usually experience adverse conditions disproportionate to other members of society. Empowerment--the process by which people gain some control over valued events, outcomes, and resources--is an important construct for understanding and improving the lives of(More)
Europe is in the process of building a more participative, just, and inclusive European Union. The European Social Fund, which is an initiative developed to actively promote multinational partnerships that address pressing social issues, is a good example of the European transformation. This article describes the steps taken to develop and evaluate the(More)
In this paper, the authors discussed the nexus between the Americans with Disabilities Act and the founding of the field of Community Psychology. Contributions of the latter and future areas of research are reviewed here in three areas of importance to both fields: Community living and participation, employment, and transition from high school. Community(More)
  • K Acharya, Schindler, +10 authors Fujiura
  • 2014
A. (2013). Developmental and behavioral pediatricians' attitudes toward newborn screening for fragile X. (2014). " Aging: Demographics, trajectories and health system issue. " In Rubin and Crocke (Eds.), Health Care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan (3rd Ed.). Dordrecht: Springer. delays at 2 years in extremely(More)
Latino immigrant families with children with disabilities experience multiple sources of oppression during their settlement process in the United States. Unfair social structures and dominant cultural values and norms and the way they influence the immigrants' personal life stories generate a cycle of oppression very difficult to break. This paper presents(More)