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Little information is available on the extent and patterns of gene flow and genetic diversity between cultivated sorghum and its wild related taxa under local agricultural conditions in Africa. As well as expanding knowledge on the evolutionary and domestication processes for sorghum, such information also has importance in biosafety, conservation and(More)
Climate changes will have an impact on food production and will require costly adaptive responses. Adapting to a changing environment will be particularly challenging in sub-Saharan Africa where climate change is expected to have a major impact. However, one important phenomenon that is often overlooked and is poorly documented is the ability of(More)
Gene flow between cultivated and their wild relatives is one of the main ecological concerns associated with the introduction genetically modified (GM) cultivars. GM sorghum cultivar has been developed and its commercial production may be possible in the near future. The rate of gene flow depends on the fitness of wild × cultivated sorghum hybrids. The(More)
—A coplanar rectangular slot antenna operating in the very wide frequency band from 0.27 to 3.1 GHz (bandwidth over 166%) has been designed for GPR applications. The antenna, which is supposed to be positioned on the soil surface, appears particularly compact (34 × 29 cm 2) and exhibits a low cross-polarization in the E-plane. 3D FDTD simulations have(More)
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