Fabrice Mourlin

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The domain of numerical simulation is a place where the parallelization of numerical code is common. The definition of a numerical context means the configuration of resources such as memory, processor load and communication graph, with an evolving feature: the resources availability. A feature is often missing: the adaptability. It is not predictable and(More)
A strategy for the analytical solving of ordinary differential equations and a first implementation of it based on mobile agent community, using jini Numerical algorithms are already designed in many domains such that electromagnetism, fluid theory. Numerical codes were developed from these mathematical analyses with interesting performance. Our work is(More)
— Physical phenomena occur in a wide range of mathematical applications: from fluid to solid mechanics, electromagnetic and electrical engineering. Engineers working toward an optimized modelling must develop their software and physical system together. This development follows a standard life-cycle with design, coding and test. Validation is become quite(More)
The AAFID structure is a distributed monitoring and intrusion detection system. The first concept comes from CERIAS group at Purdue University. This architecture employs small stand-alone programs (Agents) to perform policy of security in the hosts of a network. AAFID is designed as a hierarchical structure of components with agents at the lowest level of(More)