Fabrice Mourlin

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Physical phenomena occur in a wide range of mathematical applications: from fluid to solid mechanics, electromagnetic and electrical engineering. Engineers working toward an optimized modelling must develop their software and physical system together. This development follows a standard life-cycle with design, coding and test. Validation is become quite(More)
A strategy for the analytical solving of ordinary differential equations and a first implementation of it based on mobile agent community, using jini javaspace framework, are presented. This architecture is defined to support computation in a reconfiguration context. It means evolving network (blackout of processor) or internal event management (exception(More)
This paper presents a communication scheme for flexible and adaptive mobile agent system (or community of agent). The scheme associates each mobile agent with a set of roles, each of them belong to a communication layer. This allows the decoupling between the roles and physical locations or responsibilities of the mobile agents. Thus, the messages are typed(More)
The AAFID structure is a distributed monitoring and intrusion detection system. The first concept comes from CERIAS group at Purdue University. This architecture employs small stand-alone programs (Agents) to perform policy of security in the hosts of a network. AAFID is designed as a hierarchical structure of components with agents at the lowest level of(More)
To develop and demonstrate accurate allocation and placement on network, we implemented a flexible location framework which is able to use RFID sensors for authentication and positioning adequate software environment. This application is particularly useful in an evolving network where a workstation is not dedicated to a specific use or user. Each user has(More)
There is a need for better management of company's software. It means global access control and hierarchical version control for all the software, used in a project environment. This management involves control of the software reuse even if it is free access software. The directives, we present in this document are designed to set traceability of used(More)
Domain application of mobile agents is quite large. They are used for network management and the monitoring of complex architecture. Mobile agent is also essential into specific software architecture such that adaptable grid architecture. Even if the concept of mobile agent seems to be obvious, the development is always complex because it needs to(More)
Enterprise integration is one of the crucial challenges faced by modern organizations. Existing effort to define Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) helps organizations to build their integration processes. An EIP represents a regularity in mobile agent behavior designs. In a complex distributed environment, such as mobile context, EIPs are a large(More)