Fabrice Glibert

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Physical mapping of the human genome has until now been envisioned through single chromosome strategies. We demonstrate that by using large insert yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) a whole genome approach becomes feasible. YACs (22,000) of 810 kb mean size (5 genome equivalents) have been fingerprinted to obtain individual patterns of restriction(More)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A) is the most common inherited sensory and motor peripheral neuropathy. It is caused by PMP22 overexpression which leads to defects of peripheral myelination, loss of long axons, and progressive impairment then disability. There is no treatment available despite observations that monotherapeutic interventions slow(More)
The biological activity of 16-epoxy side-chain analogs of 1 alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, (1 alpha,25(OH)2D3) was evaluated in vitro and in vivo. Compared to 1 alpha,25(0H)2D3, all analogs had lower affinities for the pig duodenal vitamin D receptor and also for the human serum vitamin D binding protein. The in vitro effects on cell proliferation or(More)
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