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A unified approach to shot change detection and camera motion characterization
This paper describes an original approach to partitioning of a video document into shots. Instead of an interframe similarity measure which is directly intensity based, we exploit image motionExpand
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A Promising Approach to People Flow Assessment in Railway Stations Using Standard CCTV Networks
In a context of densification of railway station traffic and evolution of mobility service demand, it becomes more and more important to know better spatio-temporal behavior of the persons,Expand
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Audio-video surveillance system for public transportation
Focusing on improving security in public transports (here: trains), this paper presents a research project implementing an audio-video surveillance system. Combining audio analysis, video trackingExpand
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Video partitioning and camera motion characterization for content-based video indexing
This paper describes an original approach which jointly addresses the two issues of video partitioning and camera motion characterization in the context of content-based video indexing. It can copeExpand
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LSTM Encoder-Predictor for Short-Term Train Load Forecasting
The increase in the amount of data collected in the transport domain can greatly benefit mobility studies and help to create high value-added mobility services for passengers as well as regulationExpand
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Evaluation d'articulations non invasive
L'invention concerne, selon un aspect general, un systeme d'imagerie de l'appareil musculo-squelettique, comprenant une source de donnees caracteristiques extraites de donnees d'imagerie resultantExpand
Forecasting passenger load in a transit network using data driven models
Passenger load forecasting can be valuable in transportation planning, operation management and for enriching the information available to passengers, particularly in high-density megacities. ThisExpand
Experimental evaluation of weld defects using multi-path SAFT
For wide range of NDE applications, Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT) is one of the classical ultrasonic imaging techniques which is proposed to improve sizing and defectsExpand
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Representation Learning of public transport data. Application to event detection
On the basis of data collected by counting sensors deployed on trains, this paper deals with a forecasting of passenger load in public transport taking into account train operation. ProvidingExpand