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The structured dialog is an important concept as it's natural, for a user to break down a main goal into several sub-goals. Meanwhile, no architecture model permits the systematic design of a system taking into account such a structured dialog. In previous works, we described a new architecture model allowing this and built a library that permits a designer(More)
In the past twenty years, many works have dealt with programming by demonstration. They have tried to make an end-user interactively program repetitive task, spying his/her actions while he/she is performing it. Though the approach seems relevant, no commercial software uses it. The main reason is that it is very difficult for a software designer to(More)
The object-oriented paradigm is very used in CAD systems. It permits users to create objects and to interrogate their attributes to use them in other processes. While some CAD or drawing systems support end-user programming in order to abstract building functions, none of them permit creating classes where several functions (constructor and selectors) share(More)
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