Fabrice Casagrande

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Some forms of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies result from oral infection. We have thus analyzed the early mechanisms that could account for an uptake of infectious prion particles by enterocytes, the major cell population of the intestinal epithelium. Human Caco-2/TC7 enterocytes cultured on microporous filters were incubated with different prion(More)
Decreased expression of neuronal genes such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is associated with several neurological disorders. One molecular mechanism associated with Huntington disease (HD) is a discrete increase in the nuclear activity of the transcriptional repressor REST/NRSF binding to repressor element-1 (RE1) sequences. High-throughput(More)
P. Bvnetti f, A. Bettini e, E. Calligarich 1, F. Casagrande e, P. Casoli e, F. Cavanna `, P . Cvnnini a, S. Centro e, M. Cheng d , S . Cittolin a, D . Cline d , B . Dainese e, C. De Vecchi R. Dolfini f, L. Fortson b, F. Gasparini e, A. Gigli Berzolari t , F . Mauri f , L. Mazzone f , C . Montanari f , G. Muratori e, S. Otwinowski d, A. Pepato e, L. Periale(More)
The 22076-Mr Zn2+-containing D-alanyl-D-alanine-cleaving carboxypeptidase of Streptomyces abuls G effectively catalyses the transfer of the N alpha, N epsilon-diacetyl-L-lysyl-D-alanyl electrophilic group of the standard tripeptide substrate N alpha, N epsilon-diacetyl-L-lysyl-D-alanyl-D-alanine to water. It also performs a weak beta-lactamase activity,(More)
Today, Diploglossine lizards (Anguidae) are common on the Greater Antillean Islands (West Indies), where they are represented by many endemic species. However these lizards are very rare on the Lesser Antillean Islands, where they are only represented by a single species, the Montserrat galliwasp (Diploglossus montisserrati). Here, we show that(More)
Sodium valproate (VPA) has been reported to increase the accumulation of the pathologic isoform of prion protein (PrPsc) in scrapie-infected murine neuroblastoma cells. In this study, the effect of VPA on PrPsc accumulation was investigated in murine N2a neuroblastoma cells chronically infected with scrapie strain 22L (N2a-22L). No accumulation of PrPsc was(More)
&t.&& All 670 subjects, age 18 to 25 y., from a single class were examined during the military duty incorporation pmcess in the French Armed Forces. Objective and mamfest refraction were determined with an autorefractometer and come.al topogra hy was assessed using a TMS-1 system. Data were analysed using 1 s descriptors of cornea1 powers distribution from(More)
CERN, CH-1211, Geneva 23, Switzerland b Laboratory Nazionah di Frascati dell'INFN, via Enrico Fermi 40, Frascati, Rome, Italy Drparttmento di Fisica e INFN, Universith de l Aquila, via Vetoyo, Coppito (AQ), Italy Drparttmento di Frstca e Sezione dell'INFN, Universith dt Padova, via F. Marzolo 8, Padova, Italy Drparttmento di Frstca e INFN, Universitti di(More)
P. Cennini a, S . Cittolin a, J.P. Revol a, C. Rubbia a, W.H. Tian a, X. Li b, P. Picchi b, F. Cavanna c, G. Piano Mortari c, M. Verdecctiia c, D. Cline d, Y. Liu d, G. Muratori d, S. Otwinowski d, H. Wang d, M. Zhou d, A. Bettini e,*, F. Casagrande e, S . Centro e, C. De Vecchi e, A. Pepato e, F. Pietropaolo e, P. Rossi e, S. Ventura e, P. Benetti f, E.(More)
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