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PURPOSE Our purpose was to assess the endocrine status of women with polycystic ovaries (PCO) undergoing IVF, and to compare oocyte quality with endocrine markers of the syndrome, in an attempt to define a subpopulation with poor quality oocytes. METHODS This was a retrospective study. Patients were first endocrinologically analyzed: serum levels of(More)
We report on the first error-free terahertz (THz) wireless communication at 0.310 THz for data rates up to 8.2 Gbps using a 18-GHz-bandwidth GaAs/AlGaAs field-effect transistor as a detector. This result demonstrates that low-cost commercially-available plasma-wave transistors whose cut-off frequency is far below THz frequencies can be employed in THz(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate an empirical observation that 'high responder patients have poorer in-vitro fertilization (IVF) outcome than normal responder patients'. The aim of our study was to analyse the effect of high serum oestradiol and progesterone concentrations at the day of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) administration on(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine serum E2 and P levels around the time of implantation in normal and high IVF responders. SETTING In Vitro Fertilization program at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad. PATIENTS Twenty-nine women undergoing IVF, who accepted to be studied daily, were classified according to the number of oocytes retrieved in normal (n = 16)(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of age on reproductive performance of women using oocyte donation as an in vivo model. SETTING Oocyte donation and IVF programs at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad. PATIENTS Seventy-six women undergoing 90 cycles of ovum donation, who were recipients of 36 donors undergoing IVF, and 9 fertile women. DESIGN(More)
The objective of this study was to optimize, in terms of endometrial receptivity (embryo implantation), the limits of unopposed administration of oestrogens beyond 35 days in an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and ovum donation programme. Oocytes donated by 182 women undergoing IVF were distributed among 186 women treated by ovum donation. Five groups of(More)
Hepatic acetylator phenotype was determined using the sulphamethazine method in 32 patients with juvenile-onset diabetes mellitus and in 87 patients with the maturity-onset diabetes mellitus (Types I and II) and among 157 controls. No statistical differences were observed, neither for the incidence of acetylator phenotype among diabetics as compared with(More)
We introduce generalized quark and gluon distributions in the deuteron, which can be measured in exclusive processes like deeply virtual Compton scattering and meson electroproduction. We discuss the basic properties of these distributions and point out how they probe the interplay of nucleon and parton degrees of freedom in the deuteron wave function.
We study deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS) on a deuteron target. We model the Generalized Quark Distributions in the deuteron by using the impulse approximation for the lowest Fock-space state. Numerical predictions are given for the unpolarized cross sections for the kinematical regimes relevant for JLab and HERMES at HERA. Differential cross(More)