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This paper presents an original model-based testing approach that takes a UML behavioural view of the system under test and automatically generates test cases and executable test scripts according to model coverage criteria. This approach is embedded in the LEIRIOS Test Designer tool and is currently deployed in domains such as Enterprise IT and electronic(More)
This paper presents a model-based framework for the symbolic animation of object-oriented specifications. A customized set-theo-retic solver is used to simulate the execution of the system and handle constraints on state variables. We define a framework for animating object-oriented specifications with dynamic object creations, interactions and inheritance.(More)
(3)LEIRIOS Technologies 18 rueAlain Savary 25000Besançon France {charbonnier, Abstract :T hisp aperp resents an originalm odel-based testinga pproacht hatt akes a UMLb ehavioral view of thes ystemu ndert esta nd automaticallyg enerates test cases and executable test scriptso nt he basiso fm odel coverage criteria. Thisa pproach is embeddedi nt he LTGm(More)
This paper describes the LEIRIOS Smart Testing™ approach to the functional validation of a subpart of the StarUML case study. This model-based testing process for test automation is shown from start to end: from functional requirements to the publication of generated tests in a test repository and automatic execution of scripts with a test execution(More)
Automated test case and test driver generation from a formal model is becoming a more widely used practice in the smart card area. This innovative approach for validation testing makes it possible to ensure the functional coverage of the test suite and to automate the production of executable test scripts. This paper presents an approach to automatically(More)