Fabrice Berger

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Recent reanalysis of spike-in datasets underscored the need for new and more accurate benchmark datasets for statistical microarray analysis. We present here a fresh method using biologically-relevant data to evaluate the performance of statistical methods. Our novel method ranks the probesets from a dataset composed of publicly-available biological(More)
This work focuses on differential expression analysis of microarray datasets. One way to improve such statistical analyses is to integrate biological information in the design of these analyses. In this paper, we will use the relationship between the level of gene expression and variability. Using this biological information, we propose to integrate the(More)
Metastasis is a major cancer-related cause of death. Recent studies have described metastasis pathways. However, the exact contribution of each pathway remains unclear. Another key feature of a tumor is the presence of hypoxic areas caused by a lack of oxygen at the center of the tumor. Hypoxia leads to the expression of pro-metastatic genes as well as the(More)
Microarrays are tools to study the expression profile of an entire genome. Technology, statistical tools and biological knowledge in general have evolved over the past ten years and it is now possible to improve analysis of previous datasets. We have developed a web interface called PHOENIX that automates the analysis of microarray data from preprocessing(More)
Microarray data is frequently used to characterize the expression profile of a whole genome and to compare the characteristics of that genome under several conditions. Geneset analysis methods have been described previously to analyze the expression values of several genes related by known biological criteria (metabolic pathway, pathology signature,(More)
Several preprocessing methods are available for the analysis of Affymetrix Genechips arrays. The most popular algorithms analyze the measured fluorescence intensities with statistical methods. Here we focus on a novel algorithm, AffyILM, available from Bioconductor, which relies on inputs from hybridization thermodynamics and uses an extended Langmuir(More)
We propose to make use of the wealth of underused DNA chip data available in public repositories to study the molecular mechanisms behind the adaptation of cancer cells to hypoxic conditions leading to the metastatic phenotype. We have developed new bioinformatics tools and adapted others to identify with maximum sensitivity those genes which are expressed(More)
Sex steroids play a key role in triggering sex differentiation in fish, the use of exogenous hormone treatment leading to partial or complete sex reversal. This phenomenon has attracted attention since the discovery that even low environmental doses of exogenous steroids can adversely affect gonad morphology (ovotestis development) and induce reproductive(More)
Correction During the proofing stage of our article [1] we made an error by forgetting to put on the list of authors a biology expert Fabrice Beger who cross-checked the reliability and the quality of our database, tested it and gave comments on the manuscript. We apologize for any inconvenience. which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and(More)
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