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Improvement of the quality and efficiency of healthcare in medicine, both at home and in hospital, is becoming more and more important for patients and society at large. As many technologies (micro technologies, telecommunication, low-power design, new textiles, and flexible sensors) are now available, new user-friendly devices can be developed to enhance(More)
In this work, the design of flexible and stretchable interconnections is presented. These interconnections are done by embedding sinuous electroplated metallic wires in a stretchable substrate material. A silicone material was chosen as substrate because of its low stiffness and high elongation before break. Common metal conductors used in the electronic(More)
A wireless body area network (WBAN) consists of a wireless network with devices placed close to, attached on, or implanted into the human body. Wireless communication within a human body experiences loss in the form of attenuation and absorption. A path loss model is necessary to account for these losses. In this article, path loss is studied in the(More)
Stretchable electronics consist of a stretchable substrate material with embedded electronic components connected by electronic interconnections. Since little or no stretchable electronic components are available, it is vital to engineer electronic interconnections which are stretchable. Today metals (copper, nickel and gold) are the best option to realize(More)
For advanced body related applications, there is a need of soft, conformable, elastic, mechanical compliant and washable systems. Smart clothes for health monitoring, sport or professional protection need washable and conformable electronic systems, which can be deformed up to 20%. Implants, like monitoring sensors, or functional implants, need softness,(More)
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