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This paper presents the MPC parallel computer and its MPI implementation performed at the Laboratoire LIP6 of Univ. Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. MPC is a low cost and high performance parallel computer using standard PC main-boards as processing nodes connected through the specific FastHSL board to a high speed communication network using HSL 1 Gbits/s(More)
A software architecture is described which enables a virtual agent in an online virtual world to carry out simple English language interactions grounded in its perceptions and actions. The use of perceptions to guide anaphor resolution is discussed, along with the use of natural language generation to answer simple questions about the observed world. This(More)
The current manuscript describes the role and importance of catalysis and solvent effects for the Biginelli multicomponent reaction. The overwhelming number of new catalysts and conditions recently published for the Biginelli synthesis, including in some manuscripts entitled "catalyst-free" and/or "solvent-free" have incentivized controversies and hot(More)
Les utilisateurs de grappes de PC utilisent souvent des bibliothèques de passage de messages comme PVM ou le standard émergent MPI. Ces bibliothèques comprennent un ensemble de fonctions pour le développement d'applications parallèles. Dans cet article, nous nous penchons sur les problèmes que pose le portage de bibliothèques de passage de messages sur des(More)
The goal of the present paper is to report the recent advances in Electroencephalogram (EEG)-based Brain Machine Interface (BMI) developed at the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Telematics of Aveiro (IEETA). First, a short overview of the most successful BMI technologies is presented and then our ongoing research and protocol for motor imagery(More)
Occipital condyle fracture (OCF) is rarely seen and can be missed during medical evaluation due to the variety of clinical presentations and the difficulty to be visualized radiographically. This fracture can be associated with cranial nerves injuries (31%), being the hipoglossal nerve the most frequently involved (67%). We report a 58 years old female(More)
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