Fabrício Enembreck

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This paper presents a novel hybrid learning method and performance evaluation methodology for adaptive autonomous agents. Measuring the performance of a learning agent is not a trivial task and generally requires long simulations as well as knowledge about the domain. A generic evaluation methodology has been developed to precisely evaluate the performance(More)
This paper presents a novel method for the classification of images that combines information extracted from the images and contextual information. The main hypothesis is that contextual information related to an image can contribute in the image classification process. First, independent classifiers are designed to deal with images and text. From the(More)
This paper proposes a mechanism of noise tolerance for reinforcement learning algorithms. An adaptive agent that employs reinforcement learning algorithms may receive and accumulate many rewards for its actions. However, the amount of rewards received by the agent is not a guarantee of convergence to an optimal policy of action due to the noises produced by(More)
1-In this paper we propose a novel strategy for converging dynamic policies generated by adaptive agents, which receive and accumulate rewards for their actions. The goal of the proposed strategy is to speed up the convergence of such agents to a good policy in dynamic environments. Since it is difficult to have the good value for a state due to the(More)