Fabrício Enembreck

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This work encompasses the development of a new ensemble classifier that uses a Social Network abstraction for Data Stream Classification, namely the Social Adaptive Ensemble (SAE). In the context of data stream classification, concept drift is considered one of the most difficult and important issues to be addressed. Ensemble classifiers can be successfully(More)
Ensemble-based methods are among the most widely used techniques for data stream classification. Their popularity is attributable to their good performance in comparison to strong single learners while being relatively easy to deploy in real-world applications. Ensemble algorithms are especially useful for data stream learning as they can be integrated with(More)
This article proposes and compares different interaction models for reinforcement learning based on multi-agent system. The cooperation during the learning process is crucial to guarantee the convergence to a good policy. The exchange of rewards among the agents during the interaction is a complex task and if it is inadequate it may cause delays in learning(More)
This paper presents a novel method for the classification of images that combines information extracted from the images and contextual information. The main hypothesis is that contextual information related to an image can contribute in the image classification process. First, independent classifiers are designed to deal with images and text. From the(More)
Finding reliable partners to interact with in open environments is a challenging task for software agents, and trust and reputation mechanisms are used to handle this issue. From this viewpoint, we can observe the growing body of research on this subject, which indicates that these mechanisms can be considered key elements to design multiagent systems(More)
Mining data streams is of the utmost importance due to its appearance in many real-world situations, such as: sensor networks, stock market analysis and computer networks intrusion detection systems. Data streams are, by definition, potentially unbounded sequences of data that arrive intermittently at rapid rates. Extracting useful knowledge from data(More)