Fabrício Desconsi Mozzaquatro

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Crossbreed dairy breeds, such as Holstein × dairy type of Simmental, have been generally used to improve fertility, udder health, and longevity of dairy herds. The aim was to compare the reproductive performance and survival of Holstein and Holstein × Simmental crossbred cows. Data from two farms were used as follows: one located in Bom Retiro, in the state(More)
Ultrasonic-guided transvaginal follicle aspiration was performed in 58 crossbreed mares in order to determine whether aspiration of various dominant follicle diameters resulted in luteal tissue capable of producing progesterone (P(4)). The mares were randomly assigned to three groups according to follicular diameter (25-29 mm; 30-35 mm and >35 mm). Mares(More)
Ultrasound-guided follicular aspiration was performed in 26 Criollo crossbred mares, followed by the evaluation of ultrasonographic images of the Corpus luteum (CL) that was formed after puncture of follicles of different diameters (Group 25-29 mm; Group 30-35 mm and Group >35 mm). Serum progesterone (P(4) ) concentrations were measured to determine CL(More)
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