Fabrício A. B. Silva

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We here discuss how to run Bag-of-Tasks applications (those parallel applications whose tasks are independent) on computational grids. Bag-of-Tasks applications are both relevant and amendable for execution on grids. However, few users currently execute their Bag-of-Tasks applications on grids. We investigate the reason for this state of affairs and(More)
In this paper we discuss the parallelization for SMPmachines of black oil reservoir simulation programs. Areservoir simulator is a sophisticated computer programused to predict the future performance of a reservoirbased on its current state and past performance. SMParchitectures are composed of homogeneousmicroprocessors sharing access to the main memory.(More)
1 Introduction Bag of Tasks (BoT) applications are those parallel applications whose tasks are independent of each other. Despite their simplicity, BoT applications are used in a variety of scenarios , including data mining, massive searches (such as key breaking), parameter sweeps [1], Monte Carlo simulations, fractal calculations (such as Mandelbrot), and(More)
This paper describes the PortalGIGA project, whose main objective is to create a Portal to allow the seamless execution of Bag-of-Tasks applications on the Grid. The target applications of the PortalGIGA project are data mining, black-oil reservoir simulation and molecular dynamics simulation. This paper presents the overall architecture of the portal and(More)
The BioPAUÁ GIGA project is a portal for Molecular Dynamics (MD) using a computational grid environment. It unites MD simulations and analyses tools with grid technologies to provide support to biomolecular structures in silico experiments. BioPAUÁ Project goal is to offer a tool, as well the facility, for researches working in several important fields(More)
This paper investigates the application of gang scheduling-based algorithms for real time systems that contain multiple processors. We derive the worst-case response time analysis for gang scheduling with and without machine sharing among jobs. The framework presented for calculating the worst-case response time is general, and can be used with any gang(More)
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