Fabrícia Aparecida Rocha

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Automated image analysis procedures combined with discriminant factorial analysis (DFA) have been developed to classify agglomerated sucrose crystals according to their shape. The crystals are observed by optical microscopy. Agreement between manual and automated classifications is 90% in average. Each crystal is characterised by its own degree of(More)
The quantitative analysis of metabolic fluxes, i.e., in vivo activities of intracellular enzymes and pathways, provides key information on biological systems in systems biology and metabolic engineering. It is based on a comprehensive approach combining (i) tracer cultivation on 13C substrates, (ii) 13C labelling analysis by mass spectrometry and (iii)(More)
In this study we investigated the larval dispersal associated with larval predation in experimental populations of Chrysomya albiceps and Cochliomyia macellaria. Frequency distribution of sampling units (G test) in the substrate was used to evaluate variation in larval dispersal. An experimental acrylic channel (1 x 0.1 x 0.2 m) covered with wood shavings(More)
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