Fabiola Tiberi

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The process of cellular differentiation in terminally differentiated cells is thought to be irreversible, and these cells are thought to be incapable of differentiating into distinct cell lineages. Our previous study showed that mature adipocytes represent an alternative source of mesenchymal stem cells. Here, results showed the capacity of mature(More)
Cysteine proteinases are relevant to several aspects of the parasite life cycle and of parasite-host relationships. Here, a quantitative investigation of the effect of temperature and pH on the total substrate inhibition of cruzipain, the major papain-like cysteine proteinase from Trypanosoma cruzi, is reported. Values of the apparent catalytic and(More)
Phosphomannose isomerase (PMI; EC. is an essential metalloenzyme in the early steps of the protein glycosylation pathway in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The Cys150 residue (according to Candida albicans PMI numbering) is conserved in the active centre of mammalian and yeast PMI, but not in bacterial species where it is replaced by Asn. Here,(More)
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