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Prospective and retrospective magnetic resonance (MR) imaging (0.35-T) interpretations were compared with final diagnoses in 110 patients suspected to have osteomyelitis. Diagnostic criteria of dark marrow on T1-weighted images and bright marrow on short-tau inversion-recovery images yielded a prospective sensitivity of 98% and a prospective specificity of(More)
A 53-yr-old woman presented with abdominal pain. Ultrasonography, computed tomography, and an endocrinologic work-up revealed a 4-cm nonfunctional left adrenal mass. A TriPort laparoscopic adrenalectomy was performed. The TriPort was inserted through a 3-cm subcostal incision. Using 5-mm instruments, a left adrenalectomy was performed. The specimen was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) is one of the most interesting surgical advances. We performed LESS adrenalectomy in three patients to assess feasibility, safety, and perioperative outcomes. PATIENTS AND METHODS Three patients with nonfunctional adrenal masses underwent TriPort adrenalectomy. Demographics, perioperative,(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) has emerged as a natural progression from standard laparoscopy aiming to further minimize the morbidity of urologic procedures. OBJECTIVE To describe our technique and report the surgical and functional outcomes of unclamped LESS partial nephrectomy (PN) in the treatment of small renal masses (SRMs).(More)
Neurogenic voiding dysfunction invariably follows a complete spinal cord lesion. With spinal shock urodynamic investigation will show an areflexic bladder if the sacral spinal cord has been damaged, otherwise, if the lesion involves the suprasacral cord, an overactive bladder will result. There are some exceptions to this rule, particularly in those with(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate differences in the risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)- related hospitalization, for surgical and non-surgical reasons, and of new prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis between patients under dutasteride or finasteride treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective cohort study was conducted using data from record-linkage of(More)
"Milk of calcium renal stone" (liquid renal calculosis) is a quite uncommon lithiasis distinguished by the presence of a semiliquid suspension of calcium salts or a "seed-like" sediment in a caliceal diverticulum or an ectasia segment of the collecting system. We reviewed 5 patients (1 male and 4 females, mean age 48.6 years), with a history of urinary(More)
Urethral diverticula, a not infrequent complication in patients with spinal cord injuries, usually involve the bulbous urethra which is particularly exposed to the trauma of catheterism. Indeed, the frequent association of urethral trauma and infection is often the cause of diverticula in these patients. Diagnosis is made by ascending urethrogram, voiding(More)
We describe our laparoscopic nephrectomy technique of placing trocars directly on the fascia once the skin and the subcutaneous layers are prepared. A series of 10 consecutive patients were operated on by single-incision laparoscopic nephrectomy (SILN). With a 5-cm mean skin incision, the fascia was prepared and 3/4 trocars inserted separately directly on(More)