Fabiola Medrano-Múnoz

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AIM To assess the efficacy of allopurinol to prevent hyperamylasemia and pancreatitis after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (PEP). METHODS One hundred and seventy patients were enrolled and randomized to two groups: a study group (n = 85) who received 300 mg of oral allopurinol at 15 h and 3 h before endoscopic retrograde(More)
Background Currently there is great interest in developing clinical applications of platelet-rich plasma to enhance bone repair. Aim To assess bone regeneration in mandibular fractures, with the application of this adjuvant. Methods Twenty patients with mandibular fractures were included in a randomized clinical trial. Patients of the experimental group(More)
Thrombosis is observed in several areas of medicine. Equilibrium between pro- and anticoagulant factors is required for maintaining blood flow. Tissue injury from multiple causes may induce coagulum formation mediated by coagulation pathway activation. Tissue factor (F III) + F VIIa interacts with both platelet and endothelial cell receptors. This(More)
BACKGROUND Traumatic diaphragmatic hernias commonly occur after blunt and penetrating trauma. Due to coexisting injuries and the silent nature of the diaphragmatic injuries, the diagnosis is easily missed. We undertook this study to describe the clinical characteristics of consecutive patients with traumatic diaphragmatic hernias treated surgically at our(More)
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